Bullseye Approach to Eating Locally

Many arguments can be made against buying local food. And they have their merits- sometimes buying local can be more difficult, expensive, restrictive, time consuming. I've heard it all, and said some of these things myself. I get it.

But what if we took another approach? a "Bullseye" approach would have us using a targeted, centric design to our shopping habits. it would alleviate some of the stressors and diffuse many of these arguments. Simply put, grow what you can as the first "target", then buy as local and organic as possible for the next, BC products for the 3rd, and then span out from there. But what you should end up with is a model that is eco-conscious, healthy, affordable and lets you eat the foods you love- all in a balanced way.

Idealistic? Perhaps, but it's another perspective, and I wanted to share it with you. If you want to share your thoughts with me about this, please respond to this newsletter. I'd love to hear it.