Early GIrl Urban Farm

Early Girl Urban Farm is a small-scale half-acre farm and Nanaimo’s premier Microgreen Studio tucked at the base of Mount Benson, on beautiful Vancouver Island!

Owned and operated by Shelley Burns, she strives to offer the finest quality microgreens, herbs,& produce to chefs, families, and retailers since 2012 when an abandoned property was transformed into a regenerative garden. She stays true to her roots by honouring the wisdom that was passed along through generations of resourceful farmers from exceptional times. Shelley combines that with progressive no till bio-intensive methods to bring you the freshest food year round.  All Early Girl products are naturally grown from Certified organic, Non-GMO seed - without the use of pesticides or herbicides or large machinery. Everything is carefully hand-picked fresh in the early morning and delivered that very same day. Hyper-local, natural & nutrient dense food on your table.

Shelley’s passion for “cleaning up your plate” with beautiful, delicious and healthy food mixed with her quirky obsession for sourcing the finest seed from all parts of the globe, shine through in the integrity of the product. Watch for her produce on your favourite restaurant menu!

Thank you for choosing to support the local food revolution and Vancouver Island farmers. Enjoy!

Early Girl

Connect with Shelley for information on urban farming or find out what she’s offering this season at earlygirlurbfarm@gmail.com, www.instagram.com/earlygirlurbanfarm or www.facebook.com/earlygirlurbanfarm.