Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the most common questions are the timing and details surrounding delivery. Here's what you need to know: we try to make delivery as efficient and user friendly as possible- that's always the goal.

Deliveries go out after 11am on Thursdays, and we aim to be completed by 3:30pm. Right now we have a few drivers to help get those out as quickly as we can. You can leave us details about your delivery specific needs in the notes field as you check out. Things like apartment buzzer numbers, go to the back door, or the dog is friendly are all great things to know before we head to your property. If you can't be home to receive your order, we suggest leaving a cooler out so that we can place your order inside. Even better if there is an ice pack to keep things fresh.


Do you have a coupon to apply to your order? The place to do that is on the checkout page. Near the top, you will see a light blue button that says 'click here to enter your code'. Once you do enter a code, refresh your page to see it applied to your total. If you have any troubles with this, don't hesitate to ask for help.


Our returns policy exists to promote customer satisfaction while setting reasonable and responsible boundaries for refunds and exchanges. We ask that you contact us as soon as possible upon receipt of your groceries. Contact us up to 7 days for shelf stable items and up to 3 days for perishable items if you have a complaint. Working with fresh food, we want to hear quickly if you are dissatisfied. We will strive to correct any mistakes and where those corrections can not be made, we will issue a store credit for the purchase amount. Any items that has been recalled may be returned, in adherence with the guidelines presented by the agent that has issued the recall. All returns and refunds are subject to the discretion of the admin staff of Nanaimo Farmers Market Online.