J&D Farm

                    J and D Local Farm Fresh Vegetables from the ground up!

 J and D Farm began in 1994, 1 year after our family moved from the mainland to south Nanaimo. We first had laying chicken (130) and an easy market with Pipers Meats at that time. Jacki (the J in J and D) also had a family garden which helped fortify our two growing children and ourselves.

We tried our hand a raising and processing pigs. We did two sets, one of four and a second with six. The next big project was meat birds. We started with 100 and ended up with something like eighty. Jacki and I (Dave. The D in J and D) butchered them all in one day. I took orders for home grown chickens at work and had the all sold the following week. We had overwhelming requests for more. We did four rounds of butchering before we handed it off to someone better set up as liability became relevant.

Now I’m retired and don’t want to be butchering, so a large vegetable garden I grew. This is my first year and will see if produce is worth selling. I really enjoy the fruits of my labour but it also has to be a bit profitable.

The garden is 13 rows by 125’ long. We’re growing corn in 5 rows, cantaloupes in 1 row and various squash in the other 7 rows. There are lots and lots of spaghetti which are almost ready, Delicatta, Butternut, Buttercup, Marrow, and two types of pumpkins, Jack of all trades and Porcelin. There is also Scallopini (patty pan) which have taken off like mad and are being picked every 2nd day.

This winter we will be planting garlic and possibly onions. There is also room to make a much larger garden for next year. I will plow it this summer or fall as to lessen the amount of weeds. This year I rotivated the ground and was planting within the month. Even though I use black plastic over the rows, the weeds grow nicely. We use well water and deliver it to each plant with a single micro spray head. It saves on water and the plant gets direct moisture to the roots. (So do the weeds). The plastic helps keep the moisture in and keeps it warm.

Squash recipes are aplenty on the internet. The winter squash can be stored for long periods of time and are a nutritious flavourful addition to a meal.

Spaghetti has a mild flavour, looks like spaghetti but doesn’t taste like it!

Butternut is the sweetest winter squash and makes a great soup.

Buttercup has a sweet creamy flavour

Delicata has a mild sweet potato flavour

Scallopini (Patty Pan) to me taste like zucchini but with a harder texture. It is many uses that can be found in recipes on the internet. I chop it up and put it in my spaghetti and or in a stew.

I hope this gives you a general feel of where our food is grown and how it is cared for.

If you have any queries or questions contact me anytime:

Dave Kinsey at dpkinsey@shaw.ca