Meet Our Growers

Farmship Growers Co-operative

Farmship Growers

Farmship Growers Co-operative pledges to grow as much ethical, healthy, and organic produce for our community as possible and to encourage and promote a food resilient local economy. Their mission is to materialize a dynamic and regenerative community farm and market garden. The value of our group as a grower’s cooperative is to rapidly create more opportunities in local agriculture and to advocate our communities’ food security. They have developed a partnership with Growing Opportunities Farm Community Co-op to broaden nearby access and education in agriculture and farming. Interested in practicing agriculture? They invite you to join us as a volunteer. Historically the success of the farm was dependent on the communities’ support and they seek to revitalize this farming model because of the importance of growing our own healthy food locally, in our community and for it.

Early Girl Urban Farm

Earlygirl logo

Early Girl Urban Farm is a small-scale half-acre farm and Nanaimo’s premier Microgreen Studio tucked at the base of Mount Benson, on beautiful Vancouver Island!

Owned and operated by Shelley Burns, she strives to offer the finest quality microgreens, herbs,& produce to chefs and families since 2012 when an abandoned property was transformed into a regenerative garden. She stays true to her roots by honoring the wisdom that was passed along through generations of resourceful farmers from exceptional times. Shelley combines that with progressive no till bio-intensive methods to bring you the freshest food year round.  All Early Girl products are naturally grown from Certified organic, Non-GMO seed - without the use of pesticides or herbicides or large machinery. Everything is carefully hand-picked fresh in the early morning and delivered that very same day. Hyper-local, natural & nutrient dense food on your table.

Shelley’s passion for “cleaning up your plate” with beautiful, delicious and healthy food mixed with her quirky obsession for sourcing the finest seed from all parts of the globe, shine through in the integrity of the product. Watch for her produce on your favorite restaurant menu!

Thank you for choosing to support the local food revolution and Vancouver Island farmers. Enjoy!

Early Girl

Connect with Shelley for information on urban farming or find out what she’s offering this season at, or

Living Soils Farm

Living Soils Farm Living soil farm display

Living Soils Farm is a small vegetable farm located at 13595 Doole Road in the Yellow Point area. Ian Jones has lived and gardened on several plots of land locally for the past 27 years. Also, we have been a regular high-quality staple provider at local farm markets for the past ten years. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm. We constantly use cover crops to keep our soil healthy and biologically active to provide the healthiest nutrient dense food to our customers.

Alexander’s Aqua Greens

Much of the produce that gets imported, has been sitting around in temperature-controlled environments for long periods of time, while the quality of the produce declines. Even in local food stores, the reason why a lot of the produce tends to not look so good is because there has been such a long time between the point of harvest, to your dinner table.

Alex’s business goal is to provide fresh, local food to Vancouver Island, using good agricultural practices, making sure the produce is harvested with your food safety in mind. One benefit to growing in the greenhouse is there is much more control over pest management(ie:birds, deer, rabbit, rats, etc) which in turn lowers the risk of food contamination.

Guycelium Solar Mushrooms

Guycelium Solar Mushrooms

Guycelium Solar Mushrooms, local grower of gourmet mushrooms! Artisan craft grower, using solar energy. Grown indoors in climate controlled, insect free warehouse.
Offering: Blue & Chocolate Oysters, Shiitakes, Lion's Mane, Bears Head Tooth, Cauliflower, Wine Cap, Hen of the Woods and more.

Small City Farm

At Small City Farm we are passionate about good food.  Our urban farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality veggies for our local community.  We grow on two neighbouring properties located in the city of Nanaimo, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Currently operating on less than ½ acre land base, with several moveable poly tunnels, we focus on delivering high quality greens, culinary herbs, small root vegetables, tomatoes, and microgreens. Although not certified organic, we follow organic growing principles and use only clean compost and OMRI-listed (organic approved) amendments. Pesticides or synthetic fertilizers have never been used on our farm.We are family-owned and operated, with a vision to grow a sustainable business founded on regenerative agricultural principles.  We started farming in 2012, on borrowed land located in the south end of Nanaimo, as a way to grow healthy food for our family.  In 2017 we were able to purchase our farm and have been working diligently ever since to create a micro farm within the small city we call home. 

Hearthstone Artisan Bakery

Hearthstone Logo

Hearthstone is an artisanal bakery featuring hand-crafted breads and exquisite pastries, located in the south end of Nanaimo, BC. Their breads feature locally milled and sourced organic flours, all products are made in-house from scratch – nothing is brought in frozen or par-baked from a factory. Ingredients are selected for freshness and authenticity. Their cheddar cheese, for example, comes from the local producer Paradise Island and is some of the best aged cheddar you’ll get your hands on. Their eggs are from Farmer Ben’s Eggs in Duncan, the bread flours are milled in Cowichan at True Grain, much of the produce is from local farmers, the vanilla is produced in Victoria by Vanilla Blossom, the honey we use comes from Frederich’s Honey in Cedar and so on.

Hearthstone believes in supporting island businesses, keeping things local (which means less of an environmental impact) as much as possible. They are proud of our house-made goods and amazing staff and hope that the dedication to the art of baking comes through in the final products.

SeaTree Body & Home Care

SeaTree product

SeaTree Products are hand-made on Protection Island in lovely British Columbia, Canada. Only the finest ingredients are used, and all products are vegan, 95% organic (most are 100%), bio-degradable, paraben and formaldehyde-free, and septic-safe.

Fredrich’s Honey

Fredrich's Honey logoFredrich's honey
Family owned and operated, Fredrich’s Honey has been producing unpasteurized honey, pollen and propolis on Vancouver Island since 1966. Theo Fredrich Sr. started Fredrich’s Honey with his brother Erwin. Now Theo Jr. runs the bee business and life couldn’t bee sweeter!

Hazelwood Herb Farm

Hazlewood Logo

Hazelwood Herbals is continuing to offer the herbal products created and previously sold at Hazelwood Herb Farm. We have now moved to a delightful new acreage on Gabriola Island. We are pleased to carry on the tradition of using our own home grown, pesticide free herbs blended with all natural ingredients to make the unique herbals that have become customer favourites.

Ladybug’s Mew in Yellow Point

Ladybug's Mew In Yellow Point

An established farm in Yellow Point – producing pesticide free berries (Cascade berries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), vegetables, herbs and a variety of handcrafted items (soaps and sachets, etc.) utilizing herbs and flowers from our 12.7 acre paradise. FD (Farmer Doug) and TOF (The Other Farmer) are often asked “what is a Cascade Berry?” It is a tender, tart and juicy berry… believed to be a cross between a Loganberry and a wild Oregon blackberry, although much larger and more prolific (very common, we understand, as a backyard crop in the 1960’s). Our Cascade berry vines come from a long-time resident of Ladysmith whose family has grown them for decades.

Page Point Farm

Pagepoint farm

Page Point Farm is a 2.76 acre paradise near Lady-smith where the focus is on healthy and affordable food sources for their community. This wholesome venture is a new labour of love for Gary and Cathy Gauthier, after retiring from careers in Victoria and moved to the mid island seeking a lifestyle centered on wellness. Newly minted farmers, but eager to learn, grow and share in outreach, their passion for local food shines through all that they do.

Beelighted Candles

Beelighted Candles has been around for years in the heart of it’s creator. Sara has been playing with fire since she was a child and as she grew, her knowledge of candles grew with her. Eyes opening to the harms of paraffin, she quickly found a source for beeswax and that was the beginning of a beautiful path. Beelighted Candles are now made with 100% Vancouver Island Beeswax, 100% Cotton Wicks and 100% Canadian Love.
The fun shapes are purely for smiles. Most of the molds used are family favourites from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Being as commited as she is the the natural world around her, Sara does everything she can to reduce the waste created, reuse whatever materials possible and recycle what she can. All of the packing materials used to ship your product to you are reused from clean sources, including the bubble wrap, plastic will never be purchased to wrap your candles. Local deliveries come wrapped in brown packing paper which has been reused from previous clean packaging.

Lost Arts Club


Lost Arts Club was created when founder, Jennifer Doll, was unable to find the products her family needed. Taking matters into her own hands, she sourced great quality goats milk soap ingredients and began to craft a lineup of products that suited her family’s lifestyle and desire for natural body care. Seeing a similar need throughout the community, Jennifer then started offering workshops on natural body care as well as other “Lost Arts”.

Island Skalliwags


Island Skalliwags was created when Katie moved to Protection Island with her young golden doodle puppy, Tana. She was so boisterous, lively and strong that Katie knew she had to get her trained well and quickly. The store- bought training treats available were full of less desirable ingredients so Katie researched my own recipes. Learning what was healthy for dogs and what was not. When it comes to Tana’s health, that’s number one.
Turns out she liked Mom’s homemade treats so much that she expanded the flavours and began making two styles, small tasty training treats (highly motivating) and larger crunchy cookies that provided a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. The cookies are not reward’s for training, they’re a healthy “I love you” snack that also helps with dental health because of the crunch.

Ed’s Soup Shack

Ed's Soup Shack logo

Ed’s Soup Shack was founded over 10 years ago. It started out as Christmas stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and family. The stocking stuffers were such a hit that it blossomed into a family business and Ed’s Soup Shack was born. We now offer 20 different soups and 4 dinners and we mainly sell at farm markets and street fairs.
Karen started the Soup Shack and created all the wonderful recipes, while Ed became the number one taste tester. Leanna and Jason have now taken over the business with plans to expand so everyone can enjoy our fantastic soups and dinners. Our soups and dinners are very healthy and nutritious with no salt, sugar or MSG added.
We order as many products as possible from local companies and other small businesses and the soups and dinners are made one by one by hand in our home based, health board approved shop.Our mixes are great for family lunches, dinners, potlucks, camping, hiking and emergency kits.

Island Reveries

Island Reveries1IslandReveries2

Kylie and Kayla are two local Vancouver Island raised mama’s of 5 kids under the age of 4 between the two families. They specialize in 'Reusable Beeswax Foodwraps' (think eco-plastic wrap!) and also make a variety of other fabulous homemade ‘Island Reveries’ for you to enjoy.
They started the company having been best friends since kindergarten and often doing crafty things together for fun over the years, and have always had a dream to participate in markets and sell our handmade reveries. Spending the summers on Hornby at the family cabin presented an opportunity to do just this. Wanting to make products that were functional and eco-conscious not to mention pretty neat! That is where they came up with the idea of making our own version of reusable beeswax foodwraps. With the amazing response received for the wraps over the summer they have continued to expand the business and are so excited to continue growing!

Island Guy With Chai

Island Guy With Chai was born out of love for all things chai. Back in 2014, we experienced some of the finest chai while on vacation. When we returned home, we were unable to find a product that came close to our experience. This propelled us into exploring the world of chai and creating the perfect product ourselves.  We believe that a great chai should have a consistent full flavour. Since this time, we have created several varieties to reach discerning palates like yourself.
As a small business we strive to support those around us. Our strong ties to the community mean we source many of our products from local suppliers and local growers. We are proud to be a Canadian company.

Fat Chilli Farm

Fat Chilli Farm

Penny DeWaal and Shani Farboud, both of whom have spent lots of time enjoying foods from around the world, concluded that Vancouver Island needed an upgrade with its variety of local spice.Shani Farboud, a chef by trade with a passion for cooking unique and flavourful foods, created Fat Chili Farm’s first ever product which is a cumin and honey based habanero sauce called: Wizards Choice.
Not long after, Fat Chili Farm was born.Penny Dewaal, self proclaimed Chili Queen of the Cowichan Valley, can be found behind the scenes crunching numbers, and in the greenhouse making sure the crops are fruitful. Whereas Shani, Penny’s husband, can be found creating recipes and making the product in the onsite commercial kitchen.