Red Kuri Squash Seeds

Red Kuri Squash Seeds

Early Girl Urban Farm
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 15 seeds 

Uchiki Red Kuri Squash Seeds - This is a Japanese type Hubbard with dark, red/orange skin over tasty, cream coloured flesh. Popular in Japanese and Thai dishes, the flesh is flavourful and firm, and never stringy. Uchiki kuri squash plants are productive and robust in this climate.  The fruits are a perfect size and average 1.5kg (just over 3 lbs) each. This is a fairly early maturing squash and stores very well. Delicious prepared on the grill or tempura - skin is edible! 

 Early Girl Urban Farm is a small slice of paradise located in the Westwood Lake area of Nanaimo.  Serving chefs and families since 2012 with all natural, organically grown micro greens, culinary and medicinal herbs, and fresh produce. Now launching new botanical spa products, watch for more in 2020! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Thank you for choosing Local.

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