Micro Mix Salad
Micro Mix Salad

Micro Mix Salad

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MicroMix Salad. Fresh, crisp all natural blend of Fava, Pea and Sunnies! I’m now offering in Personal or Celebration Size. Grab a bag, add your fav vinaigrette, throw in some cranberries, oranges and almonds.... good to go!

Packaging: the unfortunate plastic sack. (Sorry- freshness and VIHA say we have to!)

Offering a blend of our most popular and freshest microgreens! So if you can’t decide which microgreen to try, it’s a great way to try them all in one. Plant based protein at its finest. All organic seed. A blend of Sunflower, Pea and Fava shoots in one handy package! Ready to go, eat on their own or add excellent nutrition, texture and flavor to your salad. This is a blend of the most popular microgreens I offer.They can also be tossed into pastas, scrambled eggs, on top soups at the last minute for an extra boost of nutrition when you’re short on time and need a quick healthy meal. Microgreens are fresh, vibrant & nutrient dense shoots grown to the cotyledon or first “true leaf” stage. Eaten at this point research has shown they are to be abundantly more nutritious (up to 40X!) than the full grown version of the vegetable. Super clean, plant-based pure nutrition in a tiny shoot! Serve raw in salads & sandwiches, or toss into omelets, rice bowls, pasta, pesto or stirfrys at the last second. You can add them to your smoothies or just eat them as a snack; they taste great and add amazing natural energy to your diet (high source of protein, vitamins & minerals!). 

Early Girl Urban Farm is a small slice of paradise located in the Westwood Lake area of Nanaimo.  Serving chefs and families since 2012 with all natural, organically grown micro greens, culinary and medicinal herbs, and fresh produce. Now launching new botanical spa products, watch for more in 2019! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Thank you for choosing Local.