Goats Milk Scrub Bars

Goats Milk Scrub Bars

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All natural, hypo-allergenic and vegan friendly goat's milk scrub bars scented with essential oils.

Currently have 2 options available:

"Wake Up Scrub" bar is scented with a clarity blend of rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils plus a ground West Coast Coffee bean scrub has been added.

"Cleansing Scrub" bar is scented with patchouli essential oil, has a pink himalayan salt scrub and charcoal had been added to aid in cleaning.

Size: 3.5 oz. bar.

Packaging: wax paper bag

Lost Arts Club was created when founder, Jennifer Doll, was unable to find the products her family needed. Taking matters into her own hands, she sourced great quality goats milk soap ingredients and began to craft a lineup of products that suited her family’s lifestyle and desire for natural body care. Seeing a similar need throughout the community, Jennifer then started offering workshops on natural body care as well as other “Lost Arts”.