Stock up on Fall Staples
Stock up on Fall Staples
Stock up on Fall Staples

Stock up on Fall Staples

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Stock up and save on your favourite fall veggies from Farmship, in large quantities!

Your choice of:

  • Yellow onions 
  • Rainbow carrots 
  • Potatoes (german butter)
  • Beets (long & round)

Each sold in a 10lb bag!

This product is grown locally by the Farmship Growers Co-operative located at 13188 Doole Road, Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1G6. The Farmship Growers Co-operative pledges to grow as much ethical, healthy, and organic produce for our community as possible and to encourage and promote a food resilliant local economy. Thier mission is to materialize a dynamic and regenerative community farm and market garden. The value of our group as a growers cooperative is to rapidly create more opportunities in local agriculture and to advocate our communities food security. They have developed a partnership with Growing Opportunities Farm Community Co-op to broaden nearby access and education in agriculture and farming. Interested in practicing agriculture? They invite you to join us as a volunteer. Historically the success of the farm was dependent on the communities support and they seek to revitalize this farming model because of the importance of growing our own healthy food locally, in our community and for it.