Wicked Chai Tea Mix
Wicked Chai Tea Mix
Wicked Chai Tea Mix

Wicked Chai Tea Mix

Island Guy With Chai
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This spicy, almost instant Chai is sure to warm you up.

This 150g bag will produce many cups of delicious chai tea.

Island Guy With Chai was born out of love for all things chai. Back in 2014, we experienced some of the finest chai while on vacation. When we returned home, we were unable to find a product that came close to our experience. This propelled us into exploring the world of chai and creating the perfect product ourselves.  We believe that a great chai should have a consistent full flavour. Since this time, we have created several varieties to reach discerning palates like yourself.

As a small business we strive to support those around us. Our strong ties to the community mean we source many of our products from local suppliers and local growers. We are proud to be a Canadian company.